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National award winner for visual arts programming,
Western Regional award winner for Talk Show entertainment

Darlene Carman's
The Painting Gourmet Show

may be seen on Comcast's Community Television,
DISH Network's Universityhouse CH. 9411
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Artist Darlene Carman provides a variety of creative art activities for children and adults.

Experience the Show:

The Painting Gourmet, artist Darlene Carman, gives painting with vegetable lessons to groups of elementary school children in indoor and outdoor settings in the Silicon Valley area near San Jose, California. Her unique painting process is especially successful with children because it provokes their innate curiosity and it allows them to explore and experiment without the worry of making mistakes. She relates easily to children and puts them at ease, encouraging them to experiment during the creative process while she maintains strong group control.

Contact her to arrange for lessons that she conducts in elementary classrooms, community recreation centers or park venues. She is experienced working with cross-age classes, GATE students, children's clubs, churches and the like.

Adult Seminar / workshops

Darlene's program for parents and businesses covers how visual thinking drives progress. She emphasizes the importance of striking a balance between sequential and spatial thinking in the learning process of adults. Her program for corporations provides activities and exercises that stimulate the creative and conceptual thought processes.

Community Festivals

At community festivals Darlene's Painting Gourmet booth provides crowd-drawing activity. Since 1990 her vegetable painting activity has been a featured event at Sunnyvale's "Hands on the Arts".

Creative Ideas

A copyrighted puzzle with 74 variations. Appropriate for advertising. Substitute your company name for "Nerd Fun". Watch the Video. - Email for more information.

Phone: 408-258-4177

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