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Amazing Paintings done with Vegetables

Darlene Carman employs a notable method to produce her works of art. She applies her paints with organic vegetation instead of brushes. This primeval technique enhances the realistic portrayal of the subjects she paints.

Darlene was inspired to paint with vegetables more than a decade ago. Her first attempt was intriguing enough to entice her curiosity, which lead to years of exploration. The selecting, shaping and testing of vegetation presents a creative challenge. She is probably the only contemporary artist who understands, through experience; the difficulties our early ancestors confronted when they painted on cave walls.

The mastery of this primeval technique and Darlene’s penchant to capture the inherent mood of the moment, accentuates the dimension of her art.

Enjoy the following gallery of her amazing paintings using vegetables in place of brushes.

 Roses painted with...

Click on the roses above to see Darlene's unusual tool for this painting!

Darlene's Amazing Paintings

King Ludwig's Castle
Mule Deer at Half Dome
Reflections at Grand Ranch

Kings of the Sea


Otters at Play 
 Elephants Bathing 
Beguiling Beauties


Award: When Knights Were Bold
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